This Election will Affect You

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With Election Day just under a month away it is time to get answers from the candidates about questions that could dramatically affect the services and supports you receive. After a good deal of research, here are 5 excellent questions to ask.

1. Prioritizing Federal Funding for Programs that Impact People with Disabilities

What will you do to protect funding that impacts quality of life for people with disabilities and their families in Arizona under discretionary programs including early childhood, special education, job training and transportation programs?

2. Protecting Medicaid

What are your plans to strengthen the Medicaid program and protect against cuts?

Specifically, how would you ensure that Arizona persons with disabilities now eligible for Medicaid will continue to receive the same level of services as are currently available?

3. Dealing with the Federal Deficit

What are your plans to address the mounting federal debt in a way that enables our nation to meet the critical needs of vulnerable people with disabilities and their families?

4. Investing in Long-Term Services & Supports

How would you address the growing need for long-term services and supports? How specifically will you protect the investments Arizona has made in community-based supports?

5. Prioritizing Employment

What are your ideas for addressing the serious and long-standing high unemployment rate for people with disabilities, who largely live in poverty?

So how do you ask the questions? Here are a few ideas. Try it out, the candidates or their campaign staff will likely respond.

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