Attendant Care

This service provides assistance for a member to remain in their home and participate in community activities by attaining or maintaining personal cleanliness, activities of daily living, and safe and sanitary living conditions.

Attendant Care (ATC) may include the following as determined by the member’s assessed needs: Meal preparation and clean up (e.g., meal planning, preparing foods, special diets, clean-up, and storing foods); Eating and assistance with eating; Bathing (e.g., washing, drying, transferring, adjusting water, and setting up equipment); Dressing and grooming (e.g., selecting clothes, taking off and putting on clothes, fastening braces and splints, oral hygiene, nail care, shaving, and hairstyling); Toileting (e.g., reminders, taking off and putting on clothes and/or undergarments, cleaning of catheter or ostomy bag); Mobility (e.g., physical guidance or assisting with the use of wheelchair); Transferring; Cleaning; Laundry (e.g., putting clothes in washer or dryer, folding clothes, putting away clothes); J. Shopping (e.g., grocery shopping and picking up medications)

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Arion Care Solutions is contracted statewide to provide Attendant Care, Habilitation, Respite, ABA/ECH, Individually Designed Living Arrangements, Therapies, and Long-Term Care (EPD) services.
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